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It’s no surprise that tabloid newsrooms are extremely male-dominated sexist environments, but I think the bar is a lot lower than people realise. Many of the senior editors speak about women who appear in the publication like they are pieces of meat and this tends to spill over into how they treat their female co-workers.

One morning when I came into work, a senior staff member shouted across the newsroom in front of everyone: ‘Your skirt’s a little tight today, isn’t it?’ I just sat down in shock and embarrassment.

I wasn’t the only woman targeted — another girl was told to ‘Bend over’ in order to get her leaving present.

I was appalled at how my boss just allowed this type of behaviour to go on and encouraged us girls to laugh it off, I was a rookie reporter at the time and afraid of losing my job, but I would never tolerate being treated like this again.*

*taken from this article



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