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Sexual harrassment has now become a unfortunate part of becoming a young female professional…its something i have unfortunately come to expect…i have done a number of internships and during a recent one in the United States my friend was sexually harrassed by our boss which made both her and me leave the position, he was subtle enough to me, just general uncomfortableness..creepiness and staring at my cleavage etc …but with her he crossed the line, bought her gifts and intentionally made himself available for meetings only “after hours” and would then ask her very inapproparite questions and talked about his own sex life …he was at least over 60….gross…he would definitely look down more on the female interns then the male interns and even asked me why i hadnt married my boyfirend at the time because we were living together!

That was the most obvious case recently but all my professional life I am used to being treated as less than because i am female,its mostly older men’s reactions to younger women,like we are there just there to help them or be eye candy…they are threatened by us …i even found an email once, when i was temping, complaining that i was back in the office stating ” why couldnt we have the hotter girl?” ugh!


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