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The course I did at college was predominantly male and so the environment was often very macho in the classes and after, with boys making all kinds of remarks about girls at college and on the course. I didn’t really mind as Ive always been comfortable with male company (I have 4 brothers) so most of the laddish behaviour kind of rolled off my back. The thing I had most issue with was the rating system that was instituted for all the girls on my course. 1 being disgusting, 10 being ultra hot. My friend Mike told me the rating criteria most importantly focused on looks but did counter in personality. He told me this was why I received 2 points higher than my best friend, who he said the other lads thought was hot but totally ‘stuck up’. I started becoming much more conscious of what I wore to college after I found out about this system, paranoid that my rating might slip. You start playing into the game that they play and feel that you have to live up to certain standards to stay popular in the group.

Needless to say I eventually did slip down the rating scale after I confronted one guy about how he had treated my friend at a party. I told him he was a sexist pig and as soon as this reached the others, my rating was shot. As soon as a woman raised her voice pr confronted anyone about anything, she was called a ‘bitch’, she had no sense of humour and couldnt take a joke. There’s only so many sexist jokes a girl can take!!

Of course, I like to think Im more prepared for it now in the real world but these kinds of games still come up in the workplace. I haven’t had it in my job but I do hear my friends talk about the lads in their office and things that go round. Weird how some people never grow out of this kind of stuff…


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