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I wouldn’t be privvy to a lot of what goes on in the office with regard to sexual objectification of women, mainly because I voiced my opinions early on about how uncomfortable I feel about it. In doing this, though, I have made myself incredibly unpopular with my work colleagues. They snigger when I walk in the room, whispering jokes to each other when Im around instead of shouting them across the room and roll their eyes every time I talk at a meeting about women’s issues or equality in the workplace. Ive managed to secure myself the role of ‘token feminist’ in the office so that whenever people make some offensive joke they look over at me and fake an apology.

My only friend in the office, who happens to be male, tells me about the emails that he gets in his inbox from other men in the office about various sexual exploits they’ve taken part in on weekends. All kinds of derogatory things about women are said both by men and, unfortunately, women in the office, both during and outside office hours.

I guess this is just a bit of a rant but I just wanted to note how difficult it is to maintain a feminist stance with regard to objectification, discrimination and harassment in workplaces like mine. If you voice any kind of dissent, you make yourself very unpopular and it gets tiresome constantly trying to defend the desire to work instead of gossip.


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