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There are plenty of stories I could recount to you about inappropriate language/behaviour in the workplace and by work mates, but I wont go on for long. I guess, the most recent is still playing over in my head and so that’s what Ill share…

A couple of Fridays ago, my colleagues and I went out for after-work drinks. It was myself, a female colleague and then 3 lads from the office. We were chatting away about all sorts of things when one of the men brought up a meeting we had had earlier in the week with a woman and a man from another company. One of the lads got a wry smile on his face and said something along the lines of, ‘did you see the looks on that one, she was unrapeable!’. This elicited laughter from both the men and the other woman in the group while I just stood there, perplexed as to when this kind of term had become humorous. Since when is rape a validation of a womans looks?!

I excused myself from the conversation and left in a hazy blur of disgust and disappointment that I was working with a group of people who would find that kind of statement amusing! I mean, sure women’s looks are discussed by the lads often, but to turn sexual assault into a compliment was beyond the pale.


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